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This gallery presents pre-production, production, exhibition and wrap-up of the inaugural edition of our unique cross-generation art exhibition with exceptional New World School of the Arts high school students.


In a studio classroom at New World School of the Arts in downtown Miami, the project begins in early October with its first meeting of the high school senior student artists. From left to right: Luis Gonzalez, Max Gonzalez, Jessica Suhr, Sage Roatta, Sabrina Granados, Angelica Yudasto, Daniel Santa, Erika Suhr.

At the second meeting, students were divided into teams and chose the alumni artist to whom their work would "respond." Dean of Visual Arts Maggy Cuesta listens as Daniel Santa of Team Vasquez presents an initial idea, seated beside fellow team member Max Gonzalez and Team Bas member Erika Suhr.

Luis Gonzalez and Sage Roatta -- Team Stark -- present their initial idea.

Team Bas -- Jessica Suhr and sister Erika Suhr -- present their initial idea.

Team Beltran -- Sabrina Granados and Angelica Yudasto -- present their initial idea.


Team Vasquez member Max Gonzalez' sketchbook with drawings and notes for a sculptural installation incorporating video.

At New World's wood shop, Team Vasquez -- Daniel Santa and Max Gonzalez -- finish the construction of a mailbox which is scaled to contain a video projector and DVD player for their installation.

In the loading dock at New World, Team Vasquez -- Daniel Santa and Max Gonzalez -- show the construction progress of their installation, much of it sourced from scrap wood.

Team Bas -- twin sisters Jessica and Erika Suhr -- during construction of a floatable raft at the New World wood shop.

Jessica Suhr of Team Bas works a jig saw at the New World wood shop.

At a New World electronic media classroom, Team Beltran -- Sabrina Granados and Angelica Yudasto -- check video scenes they transferred to computer for editing.

Team Beltran -- Angelica Yudasto and Sabrina Granados -- edit video scenes they captured with an underwater camera.

At New World's wood shop, Team Stark member Luis Gonzalez pauses during construction of a walk-in kaleidoscope.

At New World's wood shop, Team Stark member Luis Gonzalez completes construction of the floor panel for his team's walk-in kaleidoscope.

Install at Exhibition

In the exhibition gallery space at ArtSeen in Wynwood, each alumni work (as seen below) was aligned opposite the corresponding student team's video installation.

Luis Gonzalez of Team Stark offloads a component of his team's walk-in kaleidoscope, with help from his grandfather.

Luis Gonzalez of Team Stark brings in the mailbox element of the Team Vasquez installation.

Team Stark member Luis Gonzalez' grandfather preparing to help assemble the walk-in kaleidoscope.

Team Stark member Luis Gonzalez' grandmother helps apply a design printout by team member Sage Roatta that will cover the kaleidoscope exterior.

Team Beltran -- Sabrina Granados and Angelica Yudasto -- installing layers of fabric treated with wax, onto which multiple video images will be projected.

A large Team Vasquez element is raised to affix onto the exhibit space wall as installation begins.

Team Vasquez assembles the facade of their installation, onto which they will project their video.

Daniel Santa from Team Vasquez installs a live grass lawn (which a team member dutifully watered every day of the exhibition).

The Exhibition
December 1 - 4, 2011

Above is a short video of iPhone clips showing the completed student installations and the corresponding alumni artworks.

Team Bas created a video loop of a performance they staged and recorded at the oceanside, showing a young man eternally adrift at sea on a homemade raft stocked with books but no provisions to survive. The raft's sail, too small to catch sufficient wind, is subtly marked with poetic text. The soundtrack included ambient sounds and a faintly heard man's voice reciting passages from Llorca.

Team Beltran created a layered suspension of wax/paint treated fabric, onto which they projected a dual-channel longform video from the front and back. The team captured their video with an underwater camera in a shallows teeming with plant and animal life.

Among the visitors exploring the installations were many young children.

Team Stark created a walk-in kaleidoscope, its black-and-white exterior giving way to a frenetically colorful interior projection in which a visitor is immersed. The video imagery was recorded by team member Sage Roatta through a handmade 4-foot kaleidoscope, rendering everyday household and backyard environments into abstract patterns.

Team Stark's elaborate walk-in kaleidoscope sculpture was created by team member Luis Gonzalez. Its interior features included fully-lined and draped white fabric walls and hidden wind chimes activated by the motion of visitors as they enter and exit.

Among many visitors experiencing Team Stark's installation, a mesmerized child.

Team Vasquez created a large-scale installation equal to the large-scale width of the Vasquez painting opposite, a facade suggesting a Miami low-income neighborhood home. Video projections (emanating from a filled mailbox) covered the facade's closed door with scenes of typical moments and gestures in the lives of people who might live within; the recorded performers were all members of the team's own families.

The Team Vasquez installation during one of the many character sequences. The artists intended the projections to evoke a sense of transparency, as if viewers were seeing beyond the barriers of the neighborhood.


The Team Beltran piece comes down.

The Team Stark and Team Vasquez pieces are disassembled.

Team Stark's Luis Gonzalez amidst the remnants of his installation.

Team Vasquez' Daniel Santa and Max Gonzalez pull up their installation's carefully maintained lawn.

Team Vasquez cleaning up in the foreground as Team Stark disassembles in the background.

Team Vasquez removes their neighborhood home facade with the help of Team Stark's Luis Gonzalez.

Wrap Party

Friday, December 9, Design District space courtesy of DACRA.

Team Bas -- Erika and Jessica Suhr -- with their New World School of the Arts sculpture teacher and Miami artist Michael Genovese, who provided one of his wood sculptures as source material for the team's raft.

Team Beltran -- Angelica Yudasto and Sabrina Granados -- present one of their installation's fabric panels to their alumni artist Loriel Beltran.

Sabrina Granados stands in line at the party's guest art installation -- direct from his Scope 2011 appearance the week earlier -- David Rohn's "The Amazing Ultran". (Installation Courtesy of Carol Jazzar Gallery)

The Suhr sisters read The Amazing Ultran's handwritten message describing their destiny, as artist and project installation advisor Nicole Burko listens.

New World's Dean of Visual Arts and advisor to the project Maggy Cuesta cuts a slice of celebration cake.

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