Preview Trailer

Preview trailer for the feature film documentary about the career rise of Miami artist Bert Rodriguez, and the conceptual art world in which he's making his name.
(Appearing in this preview: Marina Abramovic, Vito Acconci, Jerry Saltz, Fred Snitzer, Amy Cappellazzo, Steven Henry Madoff, Bert Rodriguez, and Bert's dog Wilson. Music courtesy of Sleeping States, Patrick Hart, Airship Rocketship, Datamouth)

Excerpt: "Biennial Close-out Sale" at ArtLA

Commanding half of his gallerist's booth at ArtLA, Rodriguez conducted a cash-only clearance sale of nearly his entire inventory for an average of $20 a piece, up to and including recent artwork such as the gallery was offering just a few feet away for thousands of dollars. (With commentary by Rodriguez' original gallerist Fred Snitzer)

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