Excerpt: A Night at the Museum

On the eve of Hernan Bas' opening at The Brooklyn Museum, the venerable institution's Deputy Director of Art Charles Desmarais explains some of the practical considerations behind the exhibit, Bas tries to enjoy the moment without stressing about a solo show of new work the next month, and the Museum's Director Arnold Lehman exclaims, "If we don't have every New York museum visitor in to see this, it's their fault!"

Excerpt: Leave the Concept at the Door

Working on the large-scale Ubu Roi (the war march), Bas explains his mindset as he applies paint to canvas, and considers his fundamental relationship to the pure physicality of the medium. This excerpt is taken from the 13-minute chapter in the film on the completion of the Ubu Roi painting; a detailed, comprehensive 24-minute version is an extra feature of the DVD homevideo.

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